22 November 2014
Downhill E.C. & Numb City
Tzek It!

The Course

Find out more about the course and race format.

The Course

This is the third time a race of this kind has been held at the Donkin and correct preparation, safety and support from relevant authorities are of the highest priority. All the necessary documentation and safety procedures will be adhered to by presentation of all necessary documentation to the Events Planning Committee.

a) Course Layout

From the starting point at the top of the hill underneath the huge South African flag, racers will be set off one by one by a marshal. This will start the timer to their race at the bottom of the course where another marshal will take a time of each racer when they pass the low concrete wall at the top of the first set of steps that lead from Chapel Street, approximately 20 meters before the Tower Sculpture. This will give skaters adequate space to stop before Chapel Street.

b) Course Preparation and Safety Precautions

The course will be made safe for the riders by using tyres and straw bales to build embankments where dangerous areas occur. Marshals positioned at key points will control the public’s movements across the course to ensure that no one gets in the way of skaters at high speeds. Marshals and organisers will also ensure that no person enters dangerous or off-limit areas and that no unlawful activity or vandalism of any kind is committed. Preserving the art and condition of the reserve and any infrastructure on the Donkin will be of the highest priority and organisers are willing to guarantee that the necessary steps be taken together with the relevant authorities in order to ensure this.

c) Competition Format

The competition consists of 3 classes - as well as an “Anything on Wheels” race , a Fun Run and an Alley Cat city bike ride

DDD Course Layout

Race Categories

Skater divisions and other categories.

  • Open Class

    This class is open to all contestants over the age of 16 and will consist of 3 heats for skaters to log times. The best 20 times will be entered into the final run. Skaters go down the course one at a time and will have three heats to log a best time that will be entered into the final.

  • Ladies Class

    This class will go down with the open class and is open to any female contestant over the age of 16. The format works on the same basis as the Open Class, although time will be taken separately to determine a winner.

  • Groms Class

    This class is open to any contestants under the age of 16 and will work in the same format as the above classes.

  • Anything on Wheels (Fun Run)

    The fun run is open to anyone to enter. Any human-powered craft or vehicle can enter this competition and a winner will determined by the judges’ at their discretion. Winners may include those for fastest time, best craft entered, best dressed, most elaborate accident etc. Entrance fee for this event is R30 and it will consist of a run only.

  • Alley Cat City Bike ride

    This event will start on the Donkin and weave throughout the city, ending back at the Donkin towards the middle of the day.


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